Case study on Nord Finance

Created By: Jimish Parekh

Created At: February 11, 2022

Product Overview

What is Nord Finance?

An Advanced decentralized finance system which enables users to stake, save and get advisory from single platform called Nord Finance. <br/>



Project Process

Step 1 : Field knowledge and Branding

As Pedals Up team was new to the blockchain field, the team was given enough information about the how to and different aspects of blockchain and what Nord finance is doing. Pedals Up team helped Nord Finance team with their branding. Design : <br/>

Step 2 : Website Development

For the landing page and information about Nord finance and their roadmap, the website was crucial part of the process. Pedals Up team worked on website development using Wordpress technology and developed few SVG animations. <br/>

Step 3 : UI UX

UI UX of the Nord Finance application was designed keeping in mind that team wanted to go with neomorphism style.

Assets can be found here : ([] <br/>

Step 4 : Incremental UI Development

Pedals Up has put dedicated engineers and designers for this project where they submit weekly features developed to the Nord Finance senior team. <br/>

Step 5 : AWS Deployment and Setting Up CI CD

Pedals Up cloud and DevOps team has setup CI CD using Jenkins tool and provided the technical documentation for the same <br/>

Unique Features

Blockchain Product


Technologies Used




Dev Ops