We have right set of partners where we collaborate to bring your dreams to reality.

By setting up different partnerships in different sectors, Pedals Up is trying to close the funnels of business as well as bring in expertise from various industries and serve our client in best possible way. By collaborating with right folks, we are helping our clients serve faster and better.


Business Partner

Polygon is one of the most widely used platforms for Ethereum ‘Level 2’ scaling and infrastructure development, besides Solana, Polkadot, Fantom, LoopRing, Arbitrum (Offchain Labs), Immutable X, Tezos, and Flow blockchains. It is used to build blockchain games, mint NFTs and more. It is revolutionising how companies look at DeFi (decentralised finance), NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Web3 and blockchain.

Studio Mesmer

Design Partner

Studio Mesmer are an award-winning experience design studio working to provide digital solutions to clients around the world. At Studio Mesmer, they work towards creating experiences that make your brand memorable. Every brand needs a little bit of magic; Studio Mesmer helps create it. They thrive on curiosity. They are the designers, storytellers, and dreamers who help turn the most bizarre dreams into reality.