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Welcome to Pedals Up, a place where innovation and technology unite forces to create a better digital world. With a broad spectrum of services spanning Fintech, Blockchain, AI & ML, SaaS, E-commerce, and more, we’re more than just a tech company. We are architects of progress who would make amazing partners in your journey towards excellence.


We are a dynamic and forward-thinking tech firm driven by a profound passion for harnessing the infinite potential of decentralized systems.

Our mission is clear: to enable businesses and developers all across the world to access and utilize decentralized systems. Whether you’re a medium-sized corporation or a tech enthusiast, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality solutions in terms of aesthetics and technology.

The Story Behind the Name ‘Pedals Up’

Pedals Up is more than just a label it’s a reflection of our principles and methodology. Picture a cyclist who is moving forward with unwavering determination as the constant rhythm of their pedal strokes propels them. That is exactly what Pedals Up represents.

Just as a cyclist maintains proper processes to conquer challenging terrain, we apply the same philosophy to every tech task or project we undertake. But it doesn’t stop there. Like a cycling team working together to break through wind resistance, our teams collaborate to ensure clear communication and synergy.

Be it a sprint or a marathon, preparation is key. Cyclists are always race-ready, and so are we. At Pedals Up, we’re fully prepared for any technical challenge, whether it’s a short-scale sprint or a long-term marathon project. Pedals Up is where technology thrives with the spirit of cycling, ensuring every project we onboard is a journey to excellence. And that’s how the name “Pedals Up” came to be – always pedalling onward and forward.

Values at Pedals Up

We believe in

At Pedals Up, we hold certain values close to our heart:


People are our biggest strength. Our team comprises of hardworking and dedicate professionals who are not only passionate about the technology they work with, but also about continually learning and upskilling.

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Technology is everything you need to excellence. And by striking the right communication, we go beyond this technical excellence to be the rock-solid partners your business needs.

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We've made the conscious decision to excel in our fields of specialization and turn each challenge into a teaching opportunity.

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We realize that attention to detail is the key to successful projects. Each project we work on reflects our meticulous attention to detail, at every stage.

The 360-Degree Strength Spectrum

Our journey is marked by impressive statistics that showcase our growth and impact. These numbers reflect our relentless commitment to excellence, quality, and innovation.


Clients served






Retention Rate

CEO’s Message


"They’re communicative, easy to reach, and flexible."

Pedals Up has nearly completed the app's development. The team is flexible and easy to reach, being communicative with the client. Pedals Up delivers work on time and responds meticulously through virtual and in-person meetings.

Innovative Solutions

Pedals Up has nearly completed the app's development. The team is flexible and easy to reach, being communicative with the client. Pedals Up delivers work on time and responds meticulously through virtual and in-person meetings.
- Vidhi K, CEO, Discreit LLC

Scalable Platforms

“Pedals Up launched a high-quality website ahead of schedule. The service provider facilitated a smooth workflow and guided the client on every step of the project. ”
- Tom Warias, Director of Operations, Tapouts Inc

Security & Compliance

“Pedals Up has delivered a high-quality website on time, and the client praises the site's unique theme and features. The team demonstrates a proactive problem-solving approach and is quick to address any issues that arise."
- Sriram R, Program Manager, Fynd

Customized Tokenization

“Pedals Up's expertise in customized tokenization has been instrumental for us to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and ICOs, with solutions tailored to suit our business KPIs."
- Anonymous, CTO.

Our Rock Solid Team

Our strength lies in our people – the heart, mind and soul of Pedals Up. Our team is intelligent, hard-working, committed, and always upbeat. Their attitude makes working with us both effective and enjoyable.

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