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Explore the limitless world of blockchain development services with Pedals Up. We’re here to turn your ideas into secure, transparent, and innovative solutions.  

Blockchain Development Services:

Welcome to Pedals Up’s Blockchain Development Services, where innovation meets the heart of our expertise. We are visionaries in the blockchain space, always pushing the frontiers of what is possible. Our blockchain solutions are built on security, transparency, and scalability, assuring dependability in an ever-changing digital ecosystem. 

Block Chain Development Use Cases

Our blockchain development services find applications across various industries, from secure payments to transparent supply chains. When you work with Pedals Up, you are partnering with a forward-thinking team committed to propelling your sector ahead through blockchain innovation.


Blockchain ensures secure and fast payment processing, a game-changer for the finance industry.

Supply Chain

Real-time tracking and transparent supply chains reduce fraud and improve accountability.


Blockchain identity solutions simplify identity verification and data protection.


Decentralized healthcare records guarantee data security and accessibility.


Tokenization of real estate assets offers accessible and efficient investment opportunities.

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Top Success Case Studies

Our case studies offer insights into how we’ve revolutionized the online retail landscape. Dive into real-world examples of our e-commerce solutions in action.  

Pillow Fund

Pedals Up revolutionized fintech with Pillow Fund, a cutting-edge mobile app offering seamless crypto investments and microinvestment solutions, expanding markets

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Pedals Up collaborated with to develop a cutting-edge Validator Dashboard, enhancing validator management and blockchain data monitoring.

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Knowledge Bank


Blockchain has applications in finance, supply chain, healthcare, real estate, and more.

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