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Clearvue - Revolutionizing Temporary Labor Management with React Native Technology, Partnered with Pedals Up

Introduction: Leading mobile app development company Pedals Up teamed up with Clearvue to start a game-changing project. In order to realize its goal of changing temporary labor management in the recruitment market, Clearvue sought the assistance of Pedals Up.
About Clearvue: Clearvue operates as a disruptor in the recruitment sector, guided by its founder, Nick Gregory-Jones and chief technology officer, Paul Lawrence. Paul, an accomplished software solutions specialist, and Nick, who has worked for a top staffing firm for 25 years, came together to establish a staffing model substitute.

Clearvue: Transforming Temporary Labor Management: Under the direction of Pedals Up, a ground-breaking project called Clearvue aimed to simplify the intricate process of managing temporary labor. Clearvue wanted to challenge fixed hourly charge rates, recognize excellent service from vendors, and foster a culture where temporary staff felt appreciated.

Key Objectives of Clearvue Project:

  • Shift in Equilibrium: To improve the experience for agencies, temporary employees, and end hires, challenge conventional staffing patterns.
  • Alternative to Fixed Hourly Charge Rates: Discontinue the use of traditional fixed hourly charge rates in favour of an inventive pricing strategy.

  • Rewarding Exceptional Service: Create a mechanism that honours and incentivizes providers of exceptional service in order to promote excellence in the temporary labour industry.
  • Appreciating Temporary Colleagues: Create an atmosphere where temporary employees are treated with respect and feel that they are an essential part of the entire workplace.

Technology Utilized: React Native for Mobile App Development:

Pedals Up made a calculated decision to design the Clearvue mobile app using the robust and adaptable React Native technology. React Native, a well-liked cross-platform tool for its effectiveness and seamless user experience, offered a strong base for developing an interface that worked for all parties involved.

The development process was carried out using an agile methodology, which allowed for iterative modifications based on input received in real-time and changing requirements. 

Achievements and Deliverables:

  • Equilibrium Transformation: By offering a forum for more constructive engagement amongst all parties involved, Clearvue has effectively disrupted the status quo in the hiring sector.
  • Alternative Pricing Model: Providing flexibility and openness in charging structures, the introduction of an alternative pricing model attracted attention. Job satisfaction and a sense of belonging in the workplace were raised by the platform’s emphasis on appreciating temporary coworkers.

  • Positive Industry Impact: Beyond its platform, Clearvue’s influence shaped industry attitudes and promoted a move toward more dynamic and value-driven workforce options.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Resistance to Change: At first, a few stakeholders were against the departure from conventional staffing practices. In order to solve this, Clearvue offered thorough training as well as assistance during the transfer.
  • Technology Adoption: To guarantee Pedals Up’s seamless adoption of new technology, training initiatives and efficient communication strategies were put in place. These helped to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.


A significant turning point in the development of temporary labor management has been reached with the partnership between Clearvue and Pedals Up, which is enabled by React Native technology. Pedals Up has demonstrated its dedication to improving the temporary labor management industry through the accomplishments and deliverables of Clearvue, as well as the intelligent use of technology. In addition to addressing market issues, Clearvue establishes a new benchmark for recognizing and rewarding performance in the ever-changing temporary employment sector.

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