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Client: Purple Pay

Within the web3 ecosystem, Purple Pay is a disruptive force. Purple Pay’s goal is to develop a payment protocol that securely facilitates transactions in the decentralized world while adhering to regulations and protecting privacy. With its focus on regulatory adherence, trust-building, and setting the ground for web3’s next phase of growth, Purple Pay stands out in a market known for non-compliance.


Identifying individuals on-chain has been a daunting task, contradicting the pseudonymity principles of web3 and providing an opportunity for bad actors. For web3 to achieve its next level of growth, it must earn the trust of regulators, attracting institutional money and large-scale retail capital in a compliant

While significant adoption has occurred, driven mainly by price speculation, the true potential of web3 lies in technology adoption beyond speculation.

Pedals Up: The Driving Force

Leading mobile app development firm Pedals Up meets Purple Pay’s issues head-on by utilizing cutting-edge technology—specifically, React Native—to produce a flawless and legal mobile application.

Challenges Faced by Purple Pay

  • Stable Coin Payment Mechanisms: Purple Pay recognized the need for robust payment mechanisms on stablecoins within the web3 ecosystem.
  • On-Chain Transaction Integration: The requirement for quick response times in integrating on-chain transactions posed a significant challenge.
  • Global Compliance: Ensuring compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks for crypto and web3 payments in different countries presented a complex hurdle.

Pedals Up's Expertise in Mobile App Development

As Purple Pay’s trusted partner, Pedals Up tackled these challenges head-on, employing its expertise in mobile app development with a focus on React Native technology.

Implementation and Milestones

The collaboration between Purple Pay and Pedals Up witnessed a series of crucial milestones:

  • Payment Mechanism Enhancement: Pedals Up worked on enhancing stable coin payment mechanisms, ensuring secure and efficient transactions within the web3 ecosystem.
  • Integration of On-Chain Transactions: Quick response times were achieved through the seamless integration of on-chain transactions, providing users with a smooth and responsive experience.
  • Global Compliance Solutions: Pedals Up navigated the intricacies of diverse regulatory frameworks, ensuring that Purple Pay’s payment protocol adhered to compliance standards across different countries.

Results and Achievements

The combined efforts of Purple Pay and Pedals Up resulted in significant achievements:

  • Stable Payment Mechanisms: Purple Pay now boasts enhanced tough coin payment mechanisms, providing users with a reliable and secure means of transacting in the web3 space.
  • Efficient On-Chain Transactions: The integration of on-chain transactions optimized response times, contributing to a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • Global Compliance: Purple Pay successfully navigated global compliance challenges, aligning its payment protocol with regulatory standards in various countries.

Purple Pay's Vision

Purple Pay, recognizing the potential of web3, envisioned a future where decentralized transactions would extend beyond speculative ventures.

Collaborative Planning

The collaboration began with intensive planning sessions between Purple Pay’s visionaries and Pedals Up’s experts. Understanding the challenges posed by stable coin payments, on-chain transactions, and global compliance, the teams collectively outlined a roadmap for success.

React Native as the Catalyst

Pedals Up, with its proficiency in mobile app development, chose React Native as the catalyst for building Purple Pay’s mobile application. The decision was strategic, aiming to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure quick deployment—a crucial requirement for Purple Pay’s dynamic and responsive payment protocol.

Overcoming Challenges

  • Stable Coin Payment Mechanisms: Pedals Up’s development team, equipped with expertise, implemented robust mechanisms that ensured secure and efficient transactions on stablecoins.
  • Integration of On-Chain Transactions: The challenge of integrating on-chain transactions seamlessly into Purple Pay’s mobile application demanded a collaborative effort between frontend and backend development teams.
  • Global Compliance Solutions: Navigating the complex landscape of global compliance, Pedals Up’s legal and development teams worked cohesively to ensure Purple Pay’s payment protocol adhered to regulatory standards across diverse countries.

Technological Milestones: React Native, D3.js, and Node.js

The technology stack employed by Pedals Up showcased its commitment to delivering a high-quality solution aligned with industry best practices.

  • React Native: Powering the front end, React Native proved instrumental in creating a cross-platform mobile application that delivered a consistent and optimal user experience.
  • D3.js: Leveraging the power of D3.js, Pedals Up integrated dynamic map components into Purple Pay’s mobile application.
  • Node.js: Acting as the backend wrapper, Node.js facilitated seamless integration with various APIs, ensuring the smooth retrieval and presentation of essential data on Purple Pay’s dashboard.
  • Robust Architecture: The robust architecture of React Native provides an ideal foundation for Purple Pay’s mobile application.

Post-Implementation Results

The implementation of the mobile application brought tangible improvements to Purple Pay’s operations:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Purple Pay users now enjoy an enhanced and responsive user experience, thanks to the seamless integration of on-chain transactions and optimized stable coin payment mechanisms.
  • Global Accessibility: The mobile application’s compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks ensures global accessibility, allowing users from different countries to transact securely within the web3 ecosystem.
  • Innovation in Data Visualization: The integration of D3.js for dynamic map components has brought innovation to data visualization.

Future Roadmap

As Purple Pay continues its journey to revolutionize web3 payments, Pedals Up remains committed to supporting its vision.

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