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Revolutionizing Demo Automation - Smartcue's Digital Transformation with Pedals Up

As a leader in the tech industry, Smartcue is committed to altering the way businesses see product demonstrations. Smartcue gives sales and marketing teams the ability to produce powerful product demos without depending on engineering dependencies, as they recognize the significant impact that self-serve, interactive demos can have on winning over clients. Stage.

About Smartcue:

“Put buyers in the driver’s seat of your product” is Smartcue’s catchphrase. With the platform, sales and marketing teams will have the freedom to create visually striking product demos without the usual technical obstacles.

The Challenge:

How to turn product demos into a lead magnet and free sales and marketing teams from technical dependencies was a big problem for Smartcue. Creating a self-serve platform that would demonstrate the possibilities of the product while also making customization, hyper-personalization, lead generation, and comprehensive interaction tracking simple was the aim. Pedals Up was hired to handle the entire website creation process, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to realize Smartcue’s goal.

Scope of Work:

Pedals Up undertook the task of creating a full website that included strategy, development, and deployment for Smartcue. The main goals were to convey Smartcue’s value proposition effectively, emphasize the special qualities of the demo automation platform, and use cutting-edge technology to guarantee a flexible and flawless website. One of the project’s main components was integration with other tools, CRM systems, and analytics.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Smartcue:

Smartcue’s ability to effectively convert product demos into lead magnets is the key to its success. Users may simply link with many marketing channels, create self-serve demos without dependency, and hyper-personalize experiences using the platform.

Tools, Frameworks, and APIs Used:

Pedals Up utilized the most recent web development frameworks and tools in order to accomplish the project’s objectives. They also made use of APIs. The technology chosen was meant to offer a feature-rich and adaptable website that enhanced Smartcue’s creative process.

Project Challenges and Solutions:

Providing a clear explanation of Smartcue’s value proposition, demonstrating the self-serve features, and guaranteeing a smooth interface with other tools were just a few of the project’s many hurdles. The answer was to design a user experience that skillfully walks users through the advantages of Smartcue’s demo automation.

Getting Past the Difficulties of Platform Understanding:

Comprehending the distinct prerequisites of Smartcue was vital to ensure the triumph of the undertaking. Understanding their goals, vision, and the particular requirements of their target market required working in tandem with the Smartcue team.

Achievements and Deliverables:

Case Study Highlights:

  • Innovative Value Proposition Communication: By stressing how product demos can be turned into lead magnets, Pedals Up made sure that Smartcue’s innovative value proposition was clearly stated on the website.
  • Features Showcase: To give users a thorough grasp of everything Smartcue has to offer, the website purposefully emphasized its self-serve possibilities, hyper-personalization features, and seamless integration options.
  • Intuitive and responsive design: Visitors were guided through the advantages of Smartcue’s demo automation by the user-friendly design, which made for a smooth user experience.
  • Integration Capabilities: Pedals Up effectively integrated tools, CRM systems, and analytics, improving the platform’s overall capabilities and enabling Smartcue to offer its customers a complete solution.
  • Collaboration that Works: Pedals Up and Smartcue worked together to develop a website that matched Smartcue’s goals and vision successfully. 


Pedals Up was instrumental in realizing Smartcue’s goal through thoughtful planning, cutting-edge web development, and teamwork. The digital transformation enabled by Pedals Up has set up Smartcue for sustained success in the IT sector as the company keeps putting customers in control.

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