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A quick run-through on WWDC 2024’s Game Changing Announcements

A quick run-through on WWDC 2024’s Game Changing Announcements


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For software companies like Pedals Up and developers willing to stay ahead of the curve, the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a key event. And this year’s WWDC 2024 has lived up to the hype, showcasing Apple’s commitment to innovation. As a company dedicated to creating cutting-edge applications, we thought of putting forward key highlights and our views on how this mega event can be a game changer for developers and Apple users.

WWDC 2024 Key Highlights

Major Announcements at WWDC 2024​

In WWDC 2024, Apple showcased a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all its products. During the keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team hinted at an improved Siri with AI and machine learning capabilities. There were also indications that Apple will be introducing its own “Apple Intelligence” suite, although details are not yet available.


One significant part of Apple’s AI strategy involves a major partnership with OpenAI. This collaboration, potentially valued at billions, aims to bring AI capabilities similar to ChatGPT across Apple’s entire range of products, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and the Vision Pro headset.


Here are the key takeaways from WWDC 2024:


  • AI Focus: Apple hints at “Apple Intelligence” suite and a partnership with OpenAI for advanced AI across devices.
  • iOS 18 Customization: Personalize home screens with widgets, app arrangement, and a potential App Drawer on iPad.
  • iOS 18 Productivity: iPad gets a calculator app with Apple Pencil support, improved Photos app, and built-in window snapping for multitasking.
  • iOS 18 Communication: iMessage gains text formatting, emergency satellite SOS (availability may vary), and message scheduling.
  • Gaming Boost: A new Game Mode optimizes device performance for gamers on iOS 18.
  • macOS 15 (Sequoia): Wirelessly mirror iPhone to Mac for presentations or entertainment. Built-in password manager simplifies logins.
  • watchOS 11 Health: Training Load feature and Vitals app track workouts and health metrics. Cycle Tracking app gets pregnancy features. (Potential health detection not confirmed)
  • VisionOS 2.0: Enhanced VR experience and new tools for developers to create AR/VR applications.
  • AirPods Software: Improved Siri interaction with hand gestures, enhanced call handling, and immersive audio experience.
  • Developer Opportunities: AI, AR/VR, and health tech advancements open doors for innovative app creation.

Lets Dive a Bit Deeper​

iOS 18

Apple mentioned that most of its iOS18 changes are going to be implemented in all its devices including iPads. With this update, Apple users just like Android users will be able to customize and personalize their home screens and use customized icons with a floating design. And yes, the calculator app is finally introduced to the iPad along with a new feature called ‘Math Notes’ and ‘Write out the Equations’ feature. 


Not only that, the Photos App has also received a significant boost, promising more intuitive editing tools. Communication has a future-proof upgrade with Messages incorporating satellite technology (SOS) for emergencies via the feature to send messages through satellite on iPhones in remote areas and ‘Emoji Tap Backs’ and ‘Send Later’ features. Organization buffs can now rejoice with Mail’s new content-based categorization, automatically sorting emails like shopping confirmations, travel plans, and promotions. 


There is news for gamers as well Game Mode gets introduced in this latest iOS update that will optimize the performance of the Apple devices. Last but not least, now users can have “Locked or Hidden Apps” feature that ensures privacy with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode verification. This update will also enhance user’s multitasking skills with built-in window snapping on iPad, allowing them to arrange apps side-by-side for efficient work.


macOS 15

This new macOS version also called Sequoia which is supposed to be released later this year continues to offer additional features like iPhone mirroring will be integrated in Mac and iPhones so that users can enjoy the big screen wirelessly.  A new, built-in password manager simplifies secure logins across websites and apps on Mac. Eliminate the hassle of remembering multiple passwords.


watchOS 11

Apple continues to push boundaries in health tech with watchOS 11. Users will be able to get insights on the intensity and duration of their workouts with the ‘Training Load’ feature and ‘Vitals App’ that provides a quick and convenient way to view key health metrics. Additionally, the “Cycle Tracking” app gets a new upgrade, now offering features specifically designed for pregnancy tracking. Personalization extends to the Apple Watch with the revamped “Smart Stacks” feature, which intelligently adds frequently used widgets like weather and translation for easy access. Rounding out the new features is “Check-In,” a functionality that expands the Apple Watch’s communication capabilities.

While not officially confirmed yet, new features might include better detection of health conditions like hypertension and sleep apnea. Improved Siri interactions and other AI-driven features will enhance the user experience, making the Apple Watch more intuitive and helpful in daily activities.


visionOS 2.0

In just four months since its launch, Apple reported that over 2,000 apps have been developed for the Vision Pro headset. The upcoming VisionOS 2.0 aims to further enhance the immersive experience by offering new application programming interfaces (APIs) for developers. These APIs will allow them to integrate their expertise and create more compelling in-house applications for the platform. Additionally, a new feature within the Photos app will enable users to share their virtual reality experiences with others, potentially fostering a sense of community within the VR space.


AirPods Software 

We feel the WWDC 2024 highlights would not have been summed up without Apple AirPods newest hand gesture feature that integrates Siri allowing users to interact with it with simple hand gestures to handle hands free calls or engage in games. This will also improve the immersive audio experience tailored for AirPods.  

How These Updates Will Change Lives​

The announcements from WWDC 2024 have the potential to significantly impact daily life. Users can look forward to a range of personalization options, allowing them to customize their devices according to their individual needs and preferences. Communication will become more seamless with the introduction of RCS messaging, bridging the gap between iPhone users and those using Android devices. Health and well-being could see improvements due to advanced health monitoring features in watchOS 11 (if confirmed), potentially leading to earlier detection and better management of health conditions. Lastly, AI integrations across iOS and macOS hold the promise of enhanced productivity, streamlining daily tasks such as email organization and photo editing.

Opportunities for Software Developers

For software developers, WWDC 2024 wasn’t just about exciting new features for users, it was a treasure trove of potential. Here’s how these updates open doors for us developers:

  • AI-Powered Applications: The advanced AI capabilities in iOS 18 and macOS 15 present a golden opportunity. Developers can leverage these features to craft smarter, more intuitive applications that anticipate user needs and deliver a seamless experience.
  • AR/VR Innovation Hub: VisionOS 2.0 acts as a launchpad for groundbreaking AR and VR applications. With its new tools and APIs, developers can push the boundaries of these immersive technologies and potentially transform various industries like education, healthcare, and entertainment.
  • Health Tech Frontier: The potential health monitoring features in watchOS 11 (if confirmed) offer a fertile ground for developers. This opens the door to creating innovative apps that empower users to manage and improve their health, fostering a new wave of health-focused applications.


WWDC 2024 has set the stage for exciting advancements. For software companies like Pedals Up, these developments present a chance to create cutting-edge applications that leverage the latest features of Apple’s ecosystem. By staying ahead of these trends, Pedals Up will continue to offer innovative solutions that enhance user experiences and drive the future of technology.

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