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Case Study

Angle Money

Angle Money is a groundbreaking decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol pioneering a secure and transparent Euro stablecoin system. They aim to empower users with the ability to own, spend, borrow, and earn Euros within a user-friendly and reliable platform.

We helped Angle Money the game’s:

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Key Highlights

  • Reliable Euro-Pegged Stablecoin: Angle Money offers a stablecoin directly pegged to the Euro (1:1), providing a reliable store of value and a hedge against market volatility.
  • Transparency and Security: Built on blockchain technology, Angle Money prioritizes transparency with auditable smart contracts, fostering user trust and confidence in the platform.
  • Diverse Financial Opportunities: Users can own, spend, borrow, and earn Euros within the Angle Money protocol, unlocking new financial possibilities within a decentralized ecosystem.

At Pedals Up, we understand the transformative potential of blockchain technology, particularly in the realm of financial innovation. Partnering with Angel Money aligned perfectly with our mission to empower the future of finance. Angel’s vision? To provide a transparent and secure platform for users to own, spend, borrow, and earn Euros through a reliable and auditable stablecoin. Our goal? Leverage our expertise in smart contract development to craft the foundation of Angel’s protocol, ensuring its stability and security.

Our mission? To craft the technological backbone that fuels Wizardia’s immersive world and empowers players through a thriving play-to-earn eco

The Challenge

  • Secure Smart Contracts: We meticulously designed and audited smart contracts to ensure the stability of the Euro-peg and prevent vulnerabilities.
  • Scalability & Efficiency: We built a scalable smart contract system to handle high transaction volume without compromising performance.
  • Auditable Transparency: We fostered user trust by ensuring the smart contracts’ functionality aligns with their intended design.

The Solution

  • Expert Smart Contract Development: We developed and rigorously audited smart contracts governing the minting, burning, and overall stability of the Euro-pegged stablecoin within the Angle Money protocol.
  • Comprehensive Smart Contract Planning: Collaboration with Angle Money ensured meticulous planning and architecture of the smart contract system, minimizing potential vulnerabilities and optimizing scalability for future growth.

Beyond Development

Our partnership with Angle Money extends beyond the initial development phase. We remain dedicated to ongoing support through:


Security Audits

Regular security audits ensure the continued integrity and robustness of Angle Money's smart contracts.


Feature Enhancements

We collaborate with Angle Money to explore potential future features and functionalities for the protocol, fostering its ongoing evolution and adaptation to user needs.

Key Technologies Used




Pedals Up’s expertise in smart contract development has been instrumental in establishing Angle Money as a leading player in the Euro stablecoin space. Together, we are building a more equitable financial future by offering users a transparent, secure, and accessible platform to manage their Euro-denominated assets within a user-friendly DeFi ecosystem.