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Case Study


Airmeet, a leading virtual and hybrid events platform, empowers users to deliver event experiences with more convenience, choice, customization, and features.

Helped Airmeet with :

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Key Highlights

  • Developed a next-gen content hub for Airmeet’s virtual events platform.
  • Content hub offers features like centralized content storage, personalization tools (custom forms, page builder), and lead management.
  • Increased attendee engagement with a more interactive content experience.
  • Streamlined content management for event organizers through a user-friendly platform.
  • Provided valuable data insights to optimize Airmeet’s content strategy.
  • Built with scalable microservices architecture, robust CMS, and secure database.
  • Ensured seamless user experience with intuitive interface and session recording hosting.
  • Ongoing collaboration to maintain the content hub’s leading position in virtual event technology.

We at Pedals Up were thrilled to partner with them and develop new features and services, including the groundbreaking Airmeet content hub. A content hub is a centralized online destination that houses curated content around a specific topic. The Airmeet content hub boasts features like custom forms, a dynamic page builder, robust content management functionalities, and integrated leads management. Our goal? To develop a groundbreaking content hub that redefines how knowledge is shared and connections are built within virtual events.

The Challenge

Traditional virtual events often lacked the dynamism and engagement of in-person gatherings. Airmeet sought to bridge this gap by creating a centralized content hub – a one-stop shop for attendees to access valuable resources, participate in interactive experiences, and connect with each other. To achieve this, they needed:

  • Centralized Content Management: A user-friendly platform to curate and manage a variety of content formats.
  • Personalized Engagement: Tools to tailor the content experience for each attendee’s interests.
  • Seamless User Interaction: Features that facilitate interaction between attendees and content creators.
  • Data-Driven Insights: A system to track user engagement and measure content strategy success.

The Solution

Our team of skilled developers leveraged their expertise to deliver a feature-rich content hub that empowers Airmeet:

  • Microservices Architecture: Utilizing ReactJS and NodeJS, we implemented a highly scalable microservices architecture ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration with Airmeet’s existing platform.
  • Dynamic Content Management System (CMS): Using MongoDB and Java, we built a robust CMS for event organizers to easily upload, categorize, and manage various content formats. Users can personalize experiences with custom forms and a dynamic page builder.
  • Intuitive Lead Management: Integrated lead management tools capture valuable attendee data through custom forms and track user engagement. These insights help organizers optimize their content strategy.
  • Secure and Scalable Database: A secure and scalable database implemented with MongoDB ensures content reliability and integrity, guaranteeing a smooth user experience regardless of attendee numbers or content volume.

Beyond Development

The magic lies not just in the technology but also in the user experience we crafted:


Highly Scalable Architecture

The microservices architecture ensures the content hub scales efficiently to accommodate large audiences and growing content libraries.


User-Friendly Platform

The intuitive interface empowers event organizers to create visually appealing custom pages and forms with minimal technical expertise.


Effortless Session Recording Hosting

The content hub seamlessly integrates with Airmeet's video streaming pipeline, allowing for easy session recording hosting and playback within the hub. This extends the value of event content beyond the live session.

Our partnership with Airmeet extends beyond the initial development phase. We remain committed to ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the content hub stays at the forefront of virtual event technology. Together, we are redefining the way virtual events connect people, share knowledge, and foster meaningful interactions in a digital space.

Key Technologies Used


Front-End Development: ReactJS


Back-End Development: NodeJS

Database: MongoDB


This case study exemplifies Pedals Up’s ability to combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of user needs. By crafting innovative solutions, we empower businesses like Airmeet to revolutionize their industries and deliver exceptional experiences.

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