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Moneyhero is a project on Tezos-based community token $MYTH, along with web3 social media development.

Helped Moneyhero with :

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Key Highlights

  • Pedals Up partnered with MoneyHero, a Tezos-based social media platform, to leverage blockchain technology.
  • They built a user-friendly Web3 platform, fostered a strong community around the $MYTH token, and developed secure smart contracts.
  • Pedals Up’s expertise delivered a robust web application, seamless integrations, and custom blockchain integration.
  • MoneyHero achieved an engaging social hub, vibrant community growth, and secure token functionality.
  • Pedals Up provides ongoing support for maintenance, security, and feature enhancements.
  • This collaboration showcases Pedals Up’s ability to bridge the gap between blockchain and user-centric design.

At Pedals Up, we’re passionate about helping innovative projects unlock the power of blockchain technology. We were thrilled to partner with MoneyHero, a revolutionary Tezos-based platform built around the $MYTH community token. Our mission? To craft the technological backbone that fuels MoneyHero’s thriving social media experience and fosters a strong user community.

The Challenge

MoneyHero envisioned a platform that transcended traditional social media, one that combined social engagement with the power of blockchain technology. Their goals were ambitious:

  • Web3 Social Media Platform: Build a user-friendly and engaging platform specifically designed for the Web3 community.
  • Community Cultivation: Foster user interaction and a strong sense of community around the $MYTH token.
  • Secure Smart Contracts: Develop secure and efficient smart contracts on Tezos and Ethereum blockchains for token functionality.

The Solution

Our team of Web3 developers, blockchain experts, and social media specialists rose to the challenge. Here’s how we empowered MoneyHero:

  • Full-Stack Development: Leveraging Node.js and React.js, we constructed a robust and user-friendly web application for MoneyHero’s social media platform.
  • Seamless Integrations: We facilitated seamless integration with essential third-party services to enhance platform functionality.
  • Custom Blockchain Integration: Our developers created a custom software development kit (SDK) to streamline communication with Tezos and Ethereum blockchains.
  • Smart Contract Expertise: We provided expertise in developing secure and efficient smart contracts on both Tezos and Ethereum, ensuring smooth $MYTH token functionality within the platform.

Beyond Development

Through our collaborative efforts, MoneyHero successfully launched its innovative platform, achieving the following:


Engaging Web3 Social Hub

MoneyHero boasts a user-friendly and engaging platform specifically designed for the Web3 community.


Vibrant Community Growth

The platform has fostered a thriving and active user community with thousands of engaged members.


Secure Blockchain Integration

Seamless integration with Tezos and Ethereum blockchains ensures secure and efficient $MYTH token functionality.

Our partnership with MoneyHero extends beyond the initial development phase. We continue to provide ongoing support with maintenance, security updates, and feature enhancements to ensure the platform’s continued success.

Key Technologies Used


Third-Party Integration and Custom SDK Development


Smart Contract Development (Tezos and Ethereum)


Next.js or React.js Front-End Development


By combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with user-centric design principles, Pedals Up empowered MoneyHero to create a platform that fosters financial literacy, community engagement, and a brighter financial future for its users. This case study exemplifies our ability to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and powerful technology.

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